Welcome to Calgary! The largest city in Alberta, Canada

Things that you should know before traveling to Calgary, Alberta

One of the first things that you should know about this city, is that is highly recognized by its high quality of life, leaving it as the fourth most livable city in the world! Can you imagine how awesome it actually is?

If you’re the kind of person that likes to be outside and have fun, I have all kinds of attractions for you just in downtown Calgary. Such as bars, restaurants, public squares and lots of shopping. Including the China Town District, Calgary Zoo, Art Gallery of Calgary (AGC) and other museums.

About parks and gardens, in Calgary you can find the Devonian Gardens, one of the largest urban indoor gardens in the whole world, also in downtown there’s the Prince’s Island Park, that it develops through the Bow river in north downtown, but it is a beautiful urban park that is worth to visit.

Going a little bit further, to the west side of the city, you’ll find the Heritage Park Historical Village, one of the most visited attractions in Calgary, the museum is divided in four areas, reflecting different parts of the Canadian history through time from 1850s to approximately 1950s.

Transportation in Calgary

First of all, let’s talk about Calgary international airport, it’s the fourth busiest airport in the whole Canada, flying to multiple non-stop destinations like Central America, Asia, Europe, United States and also through Canada.

Calgary Transit provides different types of transportation as C-train, buses, railways, street bikes and in this city around 1960s they built skyways, that are pedestrian bridges connecting many buildings in downtown.


I guess you might be as well interested of knowing how the economic development of Calgary is doing. I’ll let you know the most important information about it.

The economy here has increased amazingly because of its Canadian oil and gas industry. Is doing well also with employments and participation of them.


Other important thing to be familiar with is the climate. Going around 16° In June to -7° on December. But the summers that you can enjoy in Calgary go around 30° So they can be really nice to experience. And when the climate goes to the coldest point is not that cold either, because anything is cold when you use proper clothes.

But I have to say one thing, as the weather drops, the temperatures can be around -22° That’s a chilly feeling because of course as Canada is a bit humid, it feels colder, but this just happens around 22 days of the whole year.

The coldest temperature registered was of -45° in 1893 and the warmest in 2018 with 36.7° In the month of August.

You should think to visit Calgary at least once in your life. And also experience living in that amazing city.