Attractions in Calgary, Canada

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city of Canada, characterized by many skyscrapers, and is considered as Canada’s oil industry center. There are undoubtedly many reasons why you should travel to Calgary, with this city being overlooked by travelers, because of other already known destinations in Canada, such as Toronto and Vancouver. With its location on the scenic foothills of the Canadian Rockies, the city is known as a perfect choice for winter sports lovers. For example, when you pass by the Canada Olympic Park, you are going to see athletes train all year round.

Making travel plans in advance will help you have a relaxing and smooth vacation. When making these plans, you need to know about the things to see or do in any destination, information related to travel, and how to maximize your time when on that holiday. When planning your stay in Calgary, the following are some of the things to see and do.

Some of the Memorable Sites to Visit

The Calgary Tower

Almost all cities in Canada have a structure that allows you to get a perfect birds view of the city. Calgary is not left out on this, as the Calgary Tower, which is 1228 Meters above sea level, offers a 360-degree view of the city. It takes around 62 seconds to reach the first observation deck, which can accommodate more than 250 people at a time. After this breathtaking scenery, you are now ready to move to the second observation deck, where you can enjoy a brief appetizer or a drink.

The Calgary Zoo

Canada is known for its numerous animal zoos and parks. However, the Calgary Zoo boasts of being the most successful among other zoos, in that it takes the lead in animal breeding programs, research, diversity of animals and its educational programs. If you choose to visit the zoo, you will start a journey through Africa, as the zoo plays home to many mountain gorillas, African hippos, giraffes, and other animals that can be found in the African savanna.

Heritage Park Historical Village

For the history lovers, Calgary has something for you. This award-winning tourist attraction is known to be the largest living history museum in the region, occupying an area of close to 130 acres of pristine land. This is an ideal site for family outings, with over 200 exhibits to treat your eyes and ears, with these displays being out in the open, instead of them being enclosed in a glass cabinet.

The Entertainment District and Shop 17th Avenue

Though other major cities in Canada, such as Toronto and Vancouver, are known for their high calibre shopping, Calgary, with its young demography, is also giving other cities some competition, regarding shopping and entertainment facilities, such as restaurants, hotels and casinos, most of them located on the famous 17th Avenue.